India’s literacy rate is about 74% and approximately 37% of the world’s illiterate people live in India according to UNESCO. While 22% of Indians falls below the poverty line more than 50% of the nation’s population lacks even basic literacy levels. That sounds alarming, right!

On top of that the illiteracy situation in India is getting worse with kids being the major segment of society being impacted. Poverty, health, sanitation, unemployment and malnutrition go hand in hand. Schools lack the back of resources, necessities along with the staff (teacher’s) to accommodate the size of student population in schools. Schools are typically cramped with little of no electricity and no access to electricity in some parts of the country. This can have a severe impact on the growth of the country as its progress is measured by how well it caters to its kids who are the future of the nation.

At Earthcare Foundation NGO our key focus is to focus and improve the quality of early education among school kids. We provide free tuition to some kids and provide the necessary school supplies to improve the lives of kids. We stress the importance of early years education as school is the solid foundation for one’s success in life. We empower children to access good quality education by working with teachers and school management. We believe education is every child’s basic right.

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