With the global climate change on the horizon planting trees has become a necessity in order to save our planet. Tree plantation is one of the cheapest and natural ways of reducing carbon emissions in the atmosphere. Clearly they help prevent climate change.

India faces significant challenges in terms of air pollution. You can see young kids in cities across India wearing pollution masks. Not to mention millions of Indians dying from air pollution every day. Trees help absorb harmful air pollutants like nitrogen oxides, ammonia, sulfur dioxide and ozone.  A single tree can absorb nearly 10 pounds of polluted air each year and release 260 pounds of oxygen.

Trees help prevent soil erosion. The world is running out of good quality agricultural land as forests are being chopped in the name of urbanization. With trees not being around good (top) soil tends to get eroded during rains. Along with the muddy water industrial and city waste tends to find its ways to streams, lakes and rivers. This leads to water pollution and carcinogenic waste to seep into our underground water table.

Trees are essential part and parcel of our society. They protect us from brutal heatwaves during summer by providing us shade and shelter us from cold winter winds. they provide shelter and food to our avian (bird) friends where they take refuge and entertain us with their sweet melodies all year around. 

At Earthcare Foundation NGO we believe in protecting environment and making India Green again. Please participate in our Tree Plantation drive so we can leave a gift for our children and grandchildren. It will be a symbol of beauty and commitment to help preserve the environment for our kids that will live far beyond your own lifetime.

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