According to World Health Organization (WHO) blood ought to be donated between one and three percent of a country’s population to satisfy the country’s needs. India unfortunately does not even meet the 1% mark! India in reality is facing blood shortage with approximately 15% deficit as per latest WHO figures. With a population of 1.3 billion people in order to meet 1% target (as per WHO standard) India would need 13 million units of blood donations. IN 2016 and 2017 alone India had a shortage of 1.9 million units of blood collected.

The statistics above clearly highlight the grave predicament India faces in terms of blood donations. Failure to meet these donations resulted in 320,000 heart surgeries or 49,000 organ transplants from being performed.This has negative health effects on the numerous Indians who are on their deathbeds direly waiting to be saved. In addition to lack of blood donations what makes the situation worse are lax safety practices surrounding blood donation which lead to contaminated blood being transfused exposing recipients to infectious diseases like HIV and Hepatitis. Despite the country’s shortage of donated blood India has wasted 2.8 million in the preceding five years due to lack of efficient distribution networks and communication between blood banks, donation camps and hospitals.

We at Earthcare Foundation NGO lead blood donation camps and encourage potential donors to give blood. We make people aware of its benefits and instill in our fellow Indian citizens the moral duty and social responsibility to help others in need. We have volunteers who work round the clock to work towards the goal to lead these efforts. We believe providing safe and adequate blood should be an integral part of every country’s national health care policy and infrastructure.

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